Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daisy, Help!

Dear Daisy,
How did you get to be so popular? I need help. Can you please post something on your blog to advertise for me? Thank you.
Your cutest fan,


Daisy said...

Hi Holly! Wowie, you sure have a wild blog background. Thanks for saying you are my fan. You are a nice birdie! The very best way of making new friends is to visit lots of other blogs and leave comments and make friendships. I would love to learn more things all about you. Can you post a photo of yourself on your bloggie?

Holly The Parakeet said...


ButterBean said...

Hi ... I think if your background wasnt so wild more peeps would say hi and come back often. You look like a cool birdie but your page isnt so much fun.
Ill check back soon to see you!:)

Holly The Parakeet said...

what's wrong with it?

LizzyBean said...

Holly, your background is cool, but it is distracting from the main attraction: you!! You are a cute little bird!